• A business that makes nothing
    but money is a poor kind of business.
    We believe in stretching beyond our competency set and crafting experiences for your customers. We can layer in custom workflows to add value to our engagement.

Over time we have understood from our customers that the core offerings are essential but not sufficient to our valued customers. In an effort to help startups thrive, Rype has considered the feedback and instituted incubation services that augment our current offerings. These services often act as value-additions to the existing core business operations. We offer the greatest competitive advantage with reducing the cost of discovering and set up of operations involving Market Research, help with accounting/financial management, linking you with strategic partners, Technology commercialization assistance, etc. As most of the companies are looking out for business opportunities in the technology driven fields, the team at Rype aims at providing relevant assistance to such enterprises. The Rype team is dynamic as it is comprised of designers, hardware specialists, technologists, marketers and developers, finance managers and more, with efficient technical and communication skills. Our incubation services along with our core activities provide an end to end solution to a business heightening its ability to achieve better returns as well as progress with more capable decision making because we have got your back and function like your very own team.

contact center program

Some of our clients leverage our display ad operations and search marketing initiatives needed a support flow that helps them bridge the customer needs in real-time. Our typical contact center activities are not akin to BPO operations, but augment the core offshore business operations. These activities range from answering customer queries, resolving issues in real-time, alerts and reporting.

Finance operations

Accounts receivable and payable flows consume a lot of bandwidth especially if you are a media company. This burdens your core and strategic finance operations. Our team of finance professional understand the AR and AP flows in the international context and can help you manage these remotely. They are adept at tools like Salesforce, NetSuite and such.

talent managment

Talent management is not merely a HR function any more, in aggressively growing startups. It can make or break the evolution of young companies that are at a critical phase of product or service evolution. Our dedicated team of talent management professional can help you manage your operations remotely, while you can apportion more time for strategic HR activities.

We are your extended team working in tandem, driving your growth. We embrace your goals, operational plans and execution tactics much like your own remote subsidiary.

  • Founders / Patrons of growing corporations Leadership teams of growing startups
  • Independent consultants – largely based out of North America

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