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Digital marketing is all pervasive nowadays. It is an essential part of the entire customer lifecycle, not just the acquisition. Brand and Direct marketers have been leveraging the power of technology and digital platforms for a while now. Adding the right amount of multichannel mix to your core marketing is not only essential, but vital in the current competitive landscape. We are experts in managing digital marketing programs across channels. We can drive your multi-channel marketing initiatives and juxtapose with a layer of analytics. This is a powerful solution in understanding the dynamic customer lifecycle flow and make adjustments as you go. Our digital marketing experts come with a decade of experience in managing the paid, owned and earned media for Fortune 500 companies. We are capable of managing your Search, social, affiliate and display marketing initiatives

pay per click

Long gone are the days where marketing is all about throwing mud at the wall and expecting ( or praying) it to stick! Modern marketing is about being present at each stage of customer life cycle and striking opportunities to sell. Meaningful economic exchanges demand robust marketing skills and technological knowhow. Our team of experienced PPC professionals can manage your Adwords or Bing accounts and make sure that you are making the most of your precious marketing dollars. All our experts are certified by Google and Bing. We have deep expertise in setting up, optimizing and restructuring your pay-per-click campaigns in alignment with your business goals. We incorporate analytics driven feedback mechanism and inputs from competitor surveillance into the PPC campaigns so that they are constantly tuned for better.

search engine optimization

SEO is no more about the drudgery of link building. The SEO world has moved away from it and is a holistic part of your marketing mix, nowadays. Our SEO experts can help you along the lifecycle of your digital assets. As you build your websites, they help you embed the best practices SEO in it. As you scale the traffic, they help you manage the customer flow through your purchase funnels. We strongly recommend and provide genuine content that is optimized for organic visibility. Optimizing your keywords,we work on meta descriptions, NAP information, high quality citations, social profiles and all the niche specific activities that can be done to manage and update how Google displays your business information.To build your website’s visibility, we try to weed out every possibility that lower your search engine ranking.

Affliate Marketing

One of the foremost performance marketing techniques to drive accountability, Affiliate marketing has gradually become more and more sophisticated . As an affiliate marketer, you need to have a reliable support system of digital marketing professional that runs your campaigns as per your strategy. Our team of affiliate marketing experts act like your own back office and help you through the lifecycle of your affiliate campaigns. Be it CPC, CPL or CPA campaigns running on desktop or mobile, our team can work closely with you and manage the nuances of the marketing program. Rest assured that someone is working on the details of your campaigns, while you get to drive the strategy. We are comfortable working with all the popular Affiliate networks, Traffic sources, CDNs and Analytics tools.

AD Operations

One of the most dynamic and complex function on both demand or supply side of online advertising the Adops function. Adops is embedded among sales, technology, finance, product, marketing and acts as an interdisciplinary function. It is literally impossible to run a modern day display ads business without an efficient Adops team. Rype has a dedicated and experienced team of Adops experts that can handle your trafficking needs across various platforms like DFA, Atlas, MediaMind, Pointroll, Eyewonder, DFP (Small Biz and Enterprise), App Nexus, Right Media, OpenX, AdTech and other proprietary systems. Starting from Campaign management, optimization, reporting, handling discrepancies and all the way upto Pacing, our teams can do it all for you. On the sell side, we can manage activities like inventory management, creative audits, site qualification etc, while you focus on customer facing activities. Some of the world’s renowned display players leverage the power of 24 X 7 operations capabilities of Rype’s Adops team.

social media marketing

Social media marketing has entrenched itself as an essential component in the marketing mix, over the last few years. The rise of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have lead to unique ways of connecting brands with its audiences. While the direct marketing potential of the social media activities are not as transactional as the paid media, it has significant influence on the top of the purchase funnel. The era of cheeky activities like buying clicks or retweets had quickly come to an end, albeit predictably. The critical value that social media delivers is to be able to establish real-time connectivity with the customers and their conversations. Every such conversation presents an opportunity to establish, promote, damage-control the brand. Rype has significant experience in managing the social media activities across various popular platforms. Our paid social media practice is a natural extension of the other digital marketing activities. Be it setting up and managing your Facebook ads or promoting your offerings on twitter, we can do it seamlessly. Our reporting and analytics practice helps you measure and optimize the outcomes of these social media initiatives.

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